Instinct knows what Indian men want. Its large gamut of products includes Skin Revival Gel, Non-sticky Hair Styling Cream, Aftershave, Moisturising Gel, and an array of Deodorants.

Instinct Skin Revival Gel is a one of a kind, oil-free formulation that contains Bilberry and other fruit extracts rich in AHAs. It stimulates the cell renewal process by gently removing dead cells, giving you smooth and glowing skin. Blended to perfection with rose water, a natural cleanser-cum-toner, it delays skin ageing; resulting in younger skin that's soft, toned, and glowing. Instinct Non-sticky Hair Styling Cream helps restore the lost shine from hair caused due to pollution and stress. It prevents the hair from becoming brittle and from splitting and breaking. The oils provide conditioning, making the hair more manageable, soft, smooth and shiny. Instinct Aftershave soothes and relieves skin from the abrasions and irritation caused by shaving. Its antiseptic properties keep skin free from bacterial infection. The moisturisers present replenish the lost moisture, leaving skin soft; supple with a long lasting cooling effect. Instinct Deodorants come in all fragrances suitable for every skin type and personalities.