The policy of the company is to comply strictly with all the laws governing its operations and to conduct its affairs in keeping with the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards. Accordingly, the Directors, Managers, Officers and Associates shall respect and obey the laws of the jurisdictions in which the Company operates and comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, agreements, guidelines, standards and internal policies, including other requirements incidental thereto. The Company has an Insider Trading Policy, the adherence of which shall be ensured, in letter and spirit. The Directors, Managers, Officers and Associates are expected to have knowledge of laws and regulations affecting their job responsibilities and avoid any involvement in acts known to be illegal, unethical or otherwise improper. When in doubt, the Directors, Managers, Officers, and Associates may seek assistance from the Compliance Officer.

All the Directors, Managers, Officers, Associates shall comply with the Local Laws and Regulations in all their dealing. They shall acquire appropriate knowledge of the legal requirements relating to their duties so as to enable them to recognise the potential dangers and to know when to seek advice from compliance officer. They shall be responsible for the actions taken for such non-compliances. The Company shall be committed to enhance shareholder/stockholder value and comply with all Regulations and laws that govern shareholders' rights.