Company Profile

Paramount Cosmetics has the sole credit of grooming India with safe and hygienic cosmetic products like Bindis, Kumkum and Kajal under organized operations since 1985. Since then it has grown to be India's leading manufacturer and marketers of traditional cosmetics.

It has been a pioneer in the business of premium, safe, hygienic and indigenously made color cosmetics catering to the distinctive and varied beauty need of our very beautiful Indian women. Paramount believes, we understand Indian women's beauty requirements better than anyone else by virtue of serving the cause for past 30 years.

Today the brand name SHILPA is synonymous with bindi in the minds of Indian women. The brand stands for quality, trust and belief and has been rewarded by Indian women with their timeless loyalty. Continuing the tradition of enhancing beauty of Indian women, and encouraged by their love for the brand, company has now launched a range of products under Shilpa. The other trusted brand in its women's traditional cosmetic range for past 20 years is SUNSPOT.

Paramount also has an established presence in the men's personal care market operating under the brand INSTINCT.

Company has recently forayed into colour cosmetic range with its new brand KROMME, for those women who don't shy away from bringing out their K factor.

Company's never-relenting quest for best of quality products has helped Paramount Cosmetics in scaling greater heights in the cosmetics industry. Well thought, thoroughly researched and developed products, maintaining highest standards of quality bolster the image and self esteem of our consumer.