Corporate Governance
Board of Directors

Mr. Hiitesh Topiiwaalla, Managing Director
Mr. Hiitesh Topiiwaalla holds a degree in Commerce and possesses extensive cosmetic industry experience and is currently serving as the Managing Director of the company. He is a firm believer of systems and processes. His vision of modernisation across products, processes and services has led to the expansion of PCIL's growing synergy between innovation and achieving total quality management. He is responsible for the strategic objectives, key transformations, delivery channels and supporting networks of stakeholders and consumers so the company can fulfill its mission and vision.

Mr. Vishwajeet Mehta, Director
Mr. Vishwajeet Mehta, Director on the Board of the company, holds a degree in Commerce. He comes with a profound experience of three decades in operations management, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Distribution, Channel Partner Network Management, Logistics Management and commercial aspects of the cosmetic industry.

Mr. Shishir Desai, Director
Mr. Shishir Desai, the Director on the Board of the Company, is an advocate and solicitor with extensive experience in the company legalities, legal processes and administrative procedures and functioning. He is the appropriate point of referral for all legal requirements and supports us on all important activities helping PCIL to uphold law in complete confidence and integrity.

Ms. Aartii Topiwaala,Director
Ms. Aartii Topiwaala, the Director on the Board of the Company, holds a degree in Commerce. She has vast experience in the fashion industry and beauty care solutions. Her sense of thoughtful approach, varied consciousness of fashion and beauty has helped us adapt to innovate and develop beauty care products. Her sense of optimism, commitment and involvement helps PCIL steer a new shape and dimension, making sure our consumers get the best.

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Tyagi,Director
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Tyagi is an Independent Director on the Board. He is a Practising Chartered Accountant with more than 24 years of experience in accounts, taxation, foreign trade, audit and assurances, management consulting and foreign company/business set up services. He is a Partner in M K Tyagi & Co., a Chartered Accountancy firm responsible for providing various business consulting services to the corporate sector in various areas liked Corporate Tax planning/assessments/appeals and audits. His expertise and insights supports the Company in taxation and corporate secretarial related areas.